Jaguar Mark V cabriolet which was produced before the last year of
manufacture, which had lasted since 1948 to 1951, is an unusual and a
very rare specimen. Mark V was the successor of VI generation of the
British Jaguar. It was presented along side with Jaguar XK120 in
London Motor Show in 1948. Its elegant design is reminiscent of
pre-war design of SS-Jaguar which featured of scheer, chrome grill

The type of Jaguar Mark V is very rare because of US market
specification and type of body. First owner ordered the car with
4-speed manual transition with extra gear and a steering assistance.
The engine is in-line six of a capacity 3,5 and power of 122 HP. The
body with DH 1654 number left fabric with grey varnish named Birch
Grey, blue sky interior and black soft-top. Jaguar Mark V ended up in
a really bad condition and had a full renovation which consists of
body-painting, interior and mechanic renovation. Varnish, interior and
soft-top are completely new; the parts of engine and suspension were
replaced and now are working perfectly. Nowadays 50’ cabriolet looks
incredible and is ready to registration.

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